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Fuimos "nosotros"
We were "us"Fuimos "nosotros"
We were "us"

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Portraits of the Intangible

Photographs by: Harry Gould Harvey and Denise LeBreux
I am interested in exploring the feeling of personable loss and the emotional weight it produces. Loss is filtered through our memories and becomes alive when we recall certain events. It is a dominant presence that causes unbalance, grief, nostalgia, absence, emptiness or pain.
I would like to use the narrative of a memory to express this complex feeling. I would like the viewer to connect emotionally to my pieces though this narrative, evoking in them the feeling of loss.

The common thread that has connected my subjects and work is the desire to give form to the intangibles that we witness but are unable to reproduce. Giving a physical form to these intangibles is creating an alternative way to remember.
I consider that expressing memories of loss through making pieces generates another space different from the mind for them to live. The object becomes then an extension of our minds. That weight, or unbalance becomes visible and can be experienced.

Creating pieces of jewelry and objects that reference these subjects brings the memory alive in an intimate space. Every time a piece is worn or seen, a connection is generated and it is here where I would like to evoke the memory. I would like my pieces to be experienced as the act of remembering and keeping a moment. By wearing them the memory re plays in the viewer and it is a time alone with a person or the event they would like to remember. I view this experience as a way of dealing and understanding the complexity of these feelings.